Top 10 Tips To Write A Cambridge Essay Like A Pro

Do CAE essays give you as much anxiety as exams? These essays are usually academic in tone so they might seem a bit boring and formal, but you’ll still have to practice formal writing in order to write them well. It might sounds like a bunch of repetitive nonsense to you, but the skill of writing a good essay will really help you at every point in your life. But ask yourself this, what actually forms the backbone of a beautifully written essay? Let me provide you with this free assignment writing service and give you a few tips I’ve learned over the years.

Let’s be fancier with our words

Activate your mental thesaurus. Simply replacing the word ‘good’ with ‘magnificent’ will make you sound all smart and fancy. The point of this is to simply let them know that you have a vocabulary better than that of a fifth grader. Not only that, it gives your essay a better finish and makes it seem way more impressive. Remember this, though. Using your words in a smart and effective manner is also important. Don’t just add words in there even if they don’t make sense or half their time will be wasted trying to make sense of what you said.

  • Use better vocabulary. You can build your vocabulary through word-of-the-day apps and reading different magazines and articles.
  • It shouldn’t look forced. Make sure it’s easily intelligible to the reader.

How do we go about this…

We all have jumbled up heads but that can’t be showing up in our essays. Plan in advance. Decide what you’re gonna write and the order it’ll be in. This is a test of your organizational and time management skills. Think of this as nursing assignment help, because this might be one of the most important steps of any writing process. Set about ten minutes in which you can brainstorm and decide a strategy for completing a mind-blowing essay in a limited amount of time. Practicing essay writing is really important in order to develop this skill.

  • Decide in advance everything you are going to write. Time yourself on everything so you don’t fall behind schedule.
  • Brainstorm ideas and note them down, then strategically incorporate them into your work.

The only kinda tax you should worry about for now

SynTAX. Get it? Moving on from that horrendous joke…

Grammar and syntax are possibly two of the most important things in any kind of writing. They’re among the top five things you should be extra cautious about when writing anything because if they’re not up to the mark, your entire essay will look poorly written. You can’t articulate yourself successfully without using proper grammar.

  • Watch your spelling and grammar. Do not use online tools for this purpose because they are untrustworthy
  • Make sure your grammar and sentence structure is correct

It’s too much!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by anything if you try to take it on all at once. Sectioning and dividing your work is essential. Make sure to divide your material into the three major sections of an essay; the intro, the body and the conclusion. The intro and conclusion will be much briefer as compared to the body.

  • Divide your essay into intro, body and conclusion
  • Take little breaks to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed

Stand your ground

How loyal are you to your topic? Stick to what you decided to write about! If you switch ideologies midway through the essay, it will lose coherence and end up looking really messy. We definitely do not want that.

Um….what did we conclude, again?

Don’t you just wanna get this part over with quickly because you’ve already spent so much time writing the actual essay? Well, you might not want to do that. Overlooking conclusions is one of the biggest mistakes essay writers make, and it weakens their entire essay.

  • Address everything in the conclusion. Restate your thesis.
  • the conclusion is the most important part of your essay. Take your time with it and don’t rush it.

Facts only

Put your research and general knowledge to use! Use facts and evidences to support your statements and make sure they’re authentic.

  • Watch the news and read newspapers to learn about current events
  • Look into your archive! Your prior knowledge might prove to be helpful if you’re writing an informative essay.

Your opinion matters!

Don’t have one? Make one up! No but in all seriousness, having a voice of your own is a very important skill to have. They will want to see that you possess enough comprehension skills to form an original opinion without relying only on what you’re told.

Stick to your decision

If you don’t wanna look messy and disorganized, it’s best not to tackle multiple topics at once. Try to decide one topics in the beginning that you will focus on throughout the essay.

Did we get this right?

Treat your overview like a checklist. Make sure you’ve covered everything and there are no open-ended discussions or unanswered questions left. Make sure your essay is thought-provoking, not confusing. Make sure to proofread and recheck it multiple times in the end.

  • Make sure you’ve done everything according to what you planned in the beginning
  • Recheck your work


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